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Due to the "peace" to fall, to prevent damage to your phone, please turn off a week to secure!


Laid-off men don't look back, with two big axes; Run into a big style with a roar, the moves when it's necessary to make moves。


English tongue twister test: will peace - war - found repeated quickly read three times, fluent and no error proof the spoken English skill。


There was a sincere love I did not cherish, until after losing to regret。 If give me a chance, I will said to the girl three words: stay away from me!


When you see this message, congratulations, you have 99 competitors from, you won the love, I want to come out to celebrate? Happy April fool's day!


April fool's day is coming, I wish the world the wisest man often seems stupid fool, fool is more foolish, happy fool, it is a fool。 ZhuYu people happy April fool's day。


There was a true love, I didn't treasure, lost only regret, if can come again, I would say: I love you。 If you want to choose, I hope is: April fool's day!


Dear of, I started missing you again, my love to you everyday at huge increase, because someone tell me: pork markup, you can sell a good price!


You handsome, cool, and can't parables, you head pot hand carry cabbage, always think oneself is east don't hurt, in fact you are a fool the second generation!


Notice: tomorrow above leadership inspection work, each colleague dressing, as required, please man: suit tie shortsslippers; Ms: swimsuit trousers for leather shoes!


Teach you a happy spell; AnSiZhu AnSiZhu AnSiZhi bamboo AnSiZhi pure bamboo, congratulations you learned to shandong dialect; I is a pig I'm pig, I is a pig I was a jerk。


Someone kua you, I worry, worry about other people kua enough; This has no intention of different, how do you taste; As the typical failure, your family is so successful。


Is used to lay eggs, chicken cow is living on dry, the cat went very seriously, sheep are barbecue in the future, a dog is a let a person to be used, you are waiting for ones。


I want to be emperor, afraid of bothersome; Get promoted, and uncertain; Want to eat, afraid to brush pot; Really want to beat you, again afraid to bring calamity。 Happy April fool's day。


As Confucius said, a fight, brick on face on, unfavorable LuanHu; Seems not to deny, deny the almost to the dead; By death or don't pull down can also; Not the dead is a hero too!


The emergence of you made me sleepless nights; Your voice makes me happy; Your kiss on my body left unforgettable testimony。 So, I don't sleep tonight will wait for you, dead mosquitoes。


Please call 110 if you look ugly。 Please call 120 if you are out of shape。 Please call 119 if you have a bad temper。 If you think you're beautiful, please call my mobile phone, discuss……


Notice: after receiving the SMS, please get a Mid-Autumn festival souvenirs to civil administration branch, including an exquisite moon cake box, containing scoop a month circle, need some moon cakes slag。


A beautiful pig fart dian fart, ran to the front of you, looking at you with adoring eyes, his tail, swing the ass。 Singing a song to you: after be brought up, I became you! Happy April fool's day!


Went out to buy cold beef, suddenly a man with a dog, the dog eagerly follow my hand cold beef ran, the master took it in time, I clearly heard the master and the dog said: rational point!


At work again, are you? I more than once said to you don't work so hard, pay attention to the body。 Can you always meaningful said: not much warm days roll how many mucks ball, winter what I eat。


Experts recently invented a multipurpose computer plate, the plate ofsoft of time call a floppy disk, after erection becomes hard disk, after its appearance, can become a CD。 Happy April fool's day!


I said: every miss you once the stars fall a drop of tears, the sea is like this form。 Each time you say: think I you put a fart, the ozone layer are formed in this way。 I wish you a happy April fool's day!


The classmates, read English for "should give interest" when the President; Read as "hard to change history" became a politician。 I read dead tired "should" do the company employees。 How do you read that?


Work is more and more busy, too tired to don't come to bed, increasing pressure, all let the fear of life, and when more and more boring, but I can give you instant message, hey hey! Happy April fool's day!


Always be you bullying, dozen, dozen however you; Say, but you said; Play, play but you。 Her legacy to now, all pay you on April fool's day, wish you stupid don't angry, stupid blessed, happy holidays!


This message to let you know: first, our deepest love! Second, let you know that I did not forget you! Third, I care about most is you! Fourth, eat more sleep, keep of fat, such for years ago, sell a good price!


Mr Duration just next to the daughter of the first set out to give him an old man leaned in: yes this is what s still make this? Liu: ah! My daughter to heavy strength, patience and strong, I can not find a dozen resistance for her?


Information open to listen to love: I love you, glebe's old an eternity; Waiting for you, theseas run dry and the rocks crumble never change; With you, forever never stop; With you, to life everlasting life; Please, thousands don't believe it!


The Wolf to the pig nest in a mess, a mother pig arrangement: big pig plugging the door! Two pigs to plugging window! When he saw the pig, the pig mama LaiHuo, shout loudly: old three, don't look at SMS! You go out more than meat, the Wolf away。 Happy April fool's day!



中秋佳节的句子 中秋佳节的句子


古风伤感唯美意境句子 古风伤感唯美意境句子

1,远离蟑螂,不是心脏的一般味道。 2,凤凰游凤凰,消极走,苦涩等待,此后江南江北,万里哀悼。 3,去年的东武,月亮并不是势不可挡。 4,在陌生人的异乡,每次节日都充满了爱

赞美中秋节的优美句子 赞美中秋节的优美句子

1.你生命的堕落是枫叶的一般颜色。春天的光芒不像春天的光芒,而是寒冷的一天,但它特别美丽。 2.温暖是中秋节的味道。在桂花树下,在古老的树院里,家人坐在石桌旁。孩子们在法庭上疯狂地玩耍

端午节短祝福语 端午节短祝福语

1,绿叶层叠,祝你好运;米饭又紧又粘,开心;线纠缠,快乐的拥抱;水和水混合在一起,深情;休息!端午节快乐,祝你节日快乐! 2,端午节是下雨天,你必须照顾好自己的身体,记得要善待自己


端午节是我们的传统节日,每个节日都是有意义的时间。让我们选择一系列有关端午节快乐句子(或端午节快乐句子)的问题! 1,端午节快乐,端午节不开心 2,闻到蝎子的清香,远处的你在想你吗

关于国庆节的精美句子摘抄 关于国庆节的精美句子摘抄

祝福伟大的祖国更加繁荣,祝福您和我的腰包看到扩展,并祝愿我们的爱人健康美丽。国庆日快乐!以下是[国庆节精美句子]中的一小部分,希望大家都喜欢。 国庆节精美句子的节录(精选文章) 1

关于国庆节的优美句子 关于国庆节的优美句子

国家是美好的,国家是美好的,民族圈子的人民是全方位的。以下是[关于国庆节的美丽句子]的一小部分,希望大家都喜欢。 关于国庆节的优美句子(精选文章) 1

关于国庆节的句子 关于国庆节的句子

我们可以用鲜花庆祝您的生日。我们可以用您的心来歌颂您的伟大。但是我更愿意用一颗热爱的心来建立你-祖国的祖国!以下是[有关国庆节的句子]的一小部分,希望大家都喜欢。 国庆节(精选) 1

2020年爸爸节的祝福语精选 2020年爸爸节的祝福语精选

爸爸,虽然你对我大喊大叫,但你总是为我留灯回家。虽然你责怪我,但你总是注意我;您批评我,但总是为我阐明前进的道路。今天的父亲节,祝您节日快乐! 父亲节,我希望你的“爸爸”能牢牢抓住

与重阳节有关的句子 与重阳节有关的句子

重阳节是中华民族的传统节日之一。九月的农历八月初九。在秋天,重阳节是秋天的季节。每次我们参加重阳节,中国都有欣赏秋天和尊重老人的传统。因此,重阳节也被称为“老人节”。 2.在重阳节上